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The og娱乐app offers National Research Institute® approved Prime For Life® classes on a weekly basis. The 8-hour 教育al course has been shown to reduce alcohol 和 drug abuse in teens 和 adults.


(Virtual Zoom 类 Available) FVIP is a 24-week court-m和ated outpatient program that teaches group members personal accountability for their use of violence in domestic relationships.


Virtual Shoplifting Class on (Zoom) provides participants with the tools to prevent future shoplifting or theft offenses by teaching them about triggers, 商店扒手的类型, 强调主动购物.

让我先说一下,这是无痛的,很容易的. 一开始我感到压力很大. og娱乐平台app下载只是一步一步来. 德里克的目标很明显,就是帮助我前进. 罗宾把我当成一个犯了错误的人. 与我配对的工作人员很专业,回答了我所有的问题. 他们(SAP)准时且迅速地完成了og娱乐app. 再次感谢J.约翰逊
我被震撼了. 德里克·柯林斯为他的客户竭尽全力. 他不仅会花时间了解你的情况, he went the extra mile to encourage motivation 和 a positive future that's ahead of me. 如果有人正在寻找一个og娱乐app,我强烈推荐这个地方10倍以上. 德里克,谢谢你对你的公司和我的处境所表现出的正直.
做酒精和药物测试的好地方. 德里克很冷静,很接地气,我从谈话中得到了价值. 这不是我所期望的,我很惊讶我喜欢这个过程. 对Mr. 柯林斯,他会跟你说实话的.
I had a wonderful experience with Derek at the alcohol 和 drug evaluation in 玛丽埃塔..他和他的员工都很乐意帮助我. 我打算给另一个地方少付些钱做og娱乐app, 但我觉得一分钱一分货. 而且他们看起来很见不得人,而且很想赚钱. 我对我在这个中心得到的服务很满意. 德瑞克超级酷.
对于分流中心和他们的流程,我不能说太多的好东西. 调度人员给我留下了深刻的印象. 他们可以通过短信、电话和电子邮件联系. They asked questions so I could make sure I was getting the right assessment 和 were able to schedule same-day! They talked me through the process 和 then follow-up with me on the paperwork to let me know they received it. 德里克·柯林斯和我一起做og娱乐app. 最棒的是他是真实存在的. 感觉不像在和机器人说话,也不像有人在问问题. 他是诚实和真实的. 这让我觉得这是一个可以诚实和真实的安全空间. 他听了我的话. 这是专业与人性的同情和理解的完美结合. I would recommend anyone seeking any assessment to reach out to the og娱乐app immediately.



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电话: ​(404) 503-8069

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At the og娱乐app, we underst和 that you have likely never been in this situation before. 因为这个原因, og娱乐平台app下载以能为客户提供最好的客户服务而自豪, 告诉你下一步该怎么做, 和 offering our continued guidance 和 service so that you never make the same mistake again.

og娱乐平台app下载的顾问是这个领域里最好的,og娱乐平台app下载不会浪费你的时间. og娱乐平台app下载会一直给你诚实的建议, og娱乐平台app下载要求你们给og娱乐平台app下载诚实的答案作为回报. og娱乐平台app下载的办公室是一个没有评判、积极和开放的氛围. og娱乐平台app下载所有的服务都是法院批准的. 认识og娱乐平台app下载的员工.


og娱乐平台app下载每周四下午2点至4点在玛丽埃塔办公室进行公开面试. og娱乐平台app下载正在寻找兼职辅导员, 行政人员, 以及擅长本职工作的og娱乐app者. og娱乐平台app下载正在寻找那些愿意学习的人, 成长, 努力成为最好的自己. If you want to join a winning team 和 be appreciated for a job well-done, come show us what you got. og娱乐平台app下载很乐意见到你.


The og娱乐app offers various services to help those that are on probation or pre-trial diversion. og娱乐平台app下载提供酒后驾驶og娱乐app,酒精和药物课程,以及酒精和药物咨询. og娱乐平台app下载也提供og娱乐app 药物滥用愤怒管理等等.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you get your life back on track. og娱乐平台app下载理解你现在的处境很艰难, 但og娱乐平台app下载会在这里支持你的每一步.



A DUI evaluation is a alcohol 和 drug assessment given to individuals who have been charged with driving under the influence. The clinician will gather information on the individual’s substance use history 和 current functioning during the evaluation. They may also administer various tests to assess for substance use disorders 和 other mental health conditions.

The goal of the evaluation is to provide recommendations to the court 和 any necessary follow-up care for the individual. It is important to note that these evaluations are not intended to determine guilt or innocence in a legal sense, but rather to inform future actions such as probation requirements or alcohol treatment programs.

最终, a DUI evaluation can serve as an important step in addressing substance use issues 和 preventing future occurrences of dangerous behavior on the road.


og娱乐平台app下载的社会经常美化物质的使用, 但现实是,滥用药物可以摧毁生活,撕裂家庭. 酒精 和 drug counseling can help individuals struggling with addiction free themselves from the vicious cycle of dependence 和 get on the path to a healthier, 快乐的生活.

Counselors assess the individual’s unique needs 和 develop personalized treatment plans, 其中可能包括团体治疗, 支持团体, 教育, 生活方式的改变. These licensed professionals also work with family members to promote healing 和 underst和ing within relationships. 通过顾问的支持, 那些与成瘾作斗争的人可以学会应对触发因素, 管理的欲望, 建立健康的行为模式.

寻求帮助的第一步可能会让人畏缩, but alcohol 和 drug counseling offers a safe 和 supportive environment for individuals to begin their journey towards recovery.


Many people are familiar with court-ordered alcohol assessment because of a DUI charge, but such assessments can also serve as a preventative tool for those at risk of developing a 药物滥用 problem. 酒精 assessments typically involve filling out a questionnaire 和 meeting with a trained counselor or therapist to discuss your drinking habits 和 potential red flags for addiction.

The assessment can provide important insight into one’s relationship with alcohol 和 pave the way for seeking treatment 如果有必要的话. It is important to remember that an alcohol assessment isn’t just for those with severe or chronic issues; it can benefit anyone who wants to make sure their drinking habits are in check.


An 药物滥用 evaluation is a 药物滥用 assessment used in the criminal justice system to determine if an offender can participate in 和 benefit from rehabilitation programs. The evaluation includes a comprehensive review of the offender’s mental health history, 药物滥用史, 滥用历史, 工作经历, 病史, 家族史和目前的功能.

A court-appointed therapist or alcohol 和 drug counselor often conducts this assessment. 在某些情况下, the results of the 药物滥用  evaluation can influence a judge’s decision on sentencing or whether to order inpatient or outpatient treatment instead of imprisonment. It can also inform treatment plans 和 aid correctional facilities in providing appropriate services for the offender.

最终, an 药物滥用 evaluation aims to provide personalized recommendations for how best to address their needs 和 potential risk factors, 目的是减少再犯,促进积极的行为改变. While it should not be relied upon as the sole determinant in making decisions about an offender’s rehabilitation plan, an substance evaluation can provide valuable insight into their individual strengths 和 challenges.


An anger management evaluation aims to identify a individuals skill level of managing emotions 和 behavior after they are triggered. 一个成功的愤怒管理og娱乐app应该og娱乐app行为, 的态度, 整体情绪健康. It’s important for evaluators to ask both open-ended 和 specific questions about specific anger triggers 和 how the individual has h和led them in the past.

除了, it’s important to underst和 the individual’s support system 和 whether they have adequate access to resources such as therapy 和 支持团体. 通过全面og娱乐app这些方面, it’s possible to determine the potential need for participation in an anger management program.

同样重要的是要记住,控制愤怒是一个持续的过程, 因此,即使成功的og娱乐app也不应被视为最终的终点. 相反,它们应该作为持续增长和开发的检查点.



  • Pre-addiction
  • 中毒
  • 撤军
  • 复发

Pre-addiction refers to the period before someone becomes addicted to a substance or behavior, 在此期间,他们可以实验或“尝试”物质或行为.  导致成瘾前期的因素包括社会和环境影响, 心理因素,如压力或焦虑, 遗传易感性.

中毒 is when an individual is under the influence of a substance or engages in addictive behavior.  他们可能会感到兴奋, 改变了看法, 受损的判断, 以及其他身体或情感上的影响.

The withdrawal stage involves a decrease in use 和 potential physical 和 psychological symptoms of withdrawal. 这些可能包括强烈的渴望, 乏力, 情绪波动, 以及其他根据药物或行为而变化的症状.

复发 occurs when an individual who had previously stopped using returns to active addiction. 这可能是由压力、社会暗示或其他环境因素引发的.

It is important to note that not everyone will progress through each stage in the same way, as factors such as genetics 和 environment can play a role in one’s journey through addiction.



  1. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability 和 Accountability Act (HIPAA) 和 protect the privacy 和 security of protected health information (PHI) collected, 存储, 并通过网站传播 fkr66f.echoesoflight.net.
  2. Privacy Officer: The og娱乐app has designated a Privacy Officer responsible for overseeing HIPAA compliance 和 addressing any privacy-related concerns or inquiries. The contact information for the Privacy Officer will be prominently displayed on the website.
  3. PHI的收集和使用. Collection: The og娱乐app will only collect PHI necessary for the provision of treatment services 和 other authorized purposes. The collection of PHI will be done in accordance with HIPAA regulations 和 with the knowledge 和 consent of the individuals involved.

b. 使用:PHI仅用于个人明确授权的目的, 法律允许的, 或者根据需要提供治疗服务. The og娱乐app will not use PHI for marketing or other unrelated purposes without obtaining the individual’s explicit consent.

  1. 安全措施:a. Administrative Safeguards: The og娱乐app will implement administrative safeguards to protect PHI, 包括指定一名保安员, 定期进行风险og娱乐app, 为员工提供有关HIPAA政策和程序的培训, 维护书面政策和程序.

b. Physical Safeguards: The og娱乐app will implement physical safeguards to protect PHI, 包括保护包含PHI的电子系统和设备, 限制物理访问PHI存储区域, 落实PHI处置政策.

c. Technical Safeguards: The og娱乐app will implement technical safeguards to protect PHI, 包括传输过程中的电子PHI加密, 使用强密码和身份验证机制, 定期更新软件和系统, 维护防火墙和入侵检测系统.

  1. PHI的披露和共享. Minimum Necessary: The og娱乐app will make reasonable efforts to limit the disclosure of PHI to the minimum necessary for the intended purpose, 符合HIPAA的要求.

b. Business Associates: The og娱乐app will enter into written agreements with business associates who may have access to PHI, 概述他们保护PHI和遵守HIPAA法规的责任.

  1. Individual Rights: The og娱乐app recognizes 和 will respect individuals’ rights regarding their PHI, 包括访问权, 修改, 并要求限制其PHI的使用和披露. 将制定程序以便利行使这些权利.
  2. 违反通知:在违反无担保PHI的情况下, 分流中心将遵循HIPAA违规通知规则的要求, 包括及时通知受影响的个人, 卫生与公众服务部, 和, 如果有必要的话, 媒体.
  3. Policy Review 和 Updates: This policy will be reviewed 和 updated periodically to ensure compliance with changing regulations 和 best practices. Any updates or changes will be communicated to relevant staff 和 made available on the website.
  4. Complaints 和 Reporting: Individuals may file complaints regarding The og娱乐app’s HIPAA compliance with the Privacy Officer or with the Office for Civil Rights. The process for filing complaints 和 reporting violations will be clearly explained on the website.
  5. Sanctions: Any workforce member who violates this HIPAA policy may be subject to disciplinary action, 直至并包括终止, in accordance with The og娱乐app’s disciplinary policies 和 applicable laws 和 regulations.

注意:这是符合hipaa的策略的通用模板. It is important to consult legal 和 privacy experts to ensure the policy aligns with the specific requirements 和 circumstances of fkr66f.echoesoflight.net.

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项目 & og娱乐app

og娱乐app is a court-approved outpatient treatment facility headquartered in 玛丽埃塔, GA. og娱乐平台app下载提供法庭授权和雇主授权的咨询服务.


项目 & og娱乐app

og娱乐app is a court-approved outpatient treatment facility headquartered in 玛丽埃塔, GA. og娱乐平台app下载提供法庭授权和雇主授权的咨询服务.